Tonkawa Brewery

Quench your thirst with a beer brewed locally at the Tonkawa Brewery. You can order at the Buffalo Lounge inside our casino or you can grab one at the sports bar inside The Hub Entertainment Center connected to our casino.

So come on in and have a cold one and choose one of the flavors below we are currently serving at the Tonkawa Brewery:


  • Tonkawa Brewery 1938 craft beer


IPA. 6.8% @65 ibu. East Coast & West Coast blend of an IPA, light malty body, escalating noble hops ending with a fruity grapefruit finish. Great balance of malt vs hops.

  • Tonkawa Brewery Yellow Bull craft beer

Yellow Bull

5.4% @25 to 30 ibu. American style wheat upfront moving to a quick finish with notes of citrus. Bread, dough and grainy wheat followed by a bit of hops and lemon.

  • Tonkawa Brewery TonkawaFest craft beer


5.8% @20 ibu. Modeled after German Style Octoberfest beers, easy drinker, smooth, malty, easy hops nice finish. Amber lager, clean rich toasty, bready, and malty flavor.

  • Kolsch,Beer, Brewery, Crooked Bridge

Crooked Bridge

Kolsch. 5.1% @30 to 35 ibu. Czech style Lager – clean crisp with a subtle fruit flavor and a medium hop profile. Maltiness through out with the hops lingering slightly with a bit of zip.

  • Tonkawa Brewery Mango craft beer


4.2% @10 ibu. American mashup of a classic wheat with all natural mango.

  • Tonkawa Brewery South of the Border craft beer

South of the Border

5.6% 8 to 10 ibu. Mexican Style Lager, smooth clean crisp ending with a slight lime.

  • Tonkawa Brewery One Stripe craft beer

One Stripe

6.1 %, 10 ibu. Traditional style with a bit more flavor and kick.

  • Tonkawa Brewery Full Moon craft beer

Full Moon

5.5% @10 ibu. Malty, sweet, refreshing, slight grainy, bit of tartness, ending with a bit of spicy coriander and hints of butter orange, for the best flavor muddle a slice of orange.

  • Tonkawa Brewery El Heffe craft beer

El Heffe

6.0 % @25 ibu. Traditional Bavarian wheat. Smooth silky, notes of banana, ending with spicy clove and a touch of hops at the end.