Who Should You Be Tipping at the Casino?

Many people spend years playing in casinos without knowing that they should be tipping certain employees. While most people know to tip the cocktail waitresses, there are other employees that take tips as well in an Oklahoma casino. If you want the rundown on who and how much to tip, here is an outline for who you should be tipping.

Tipping at Casinos

Knowing who to tip is good practice and common courtesy at a casino in Oklahoma. Just as you would first learn the rules of gambling before you hit the casino, you should learn the etiquette of gambling in a casino. Many casino employees rely on tips, with the tips being the majority of their pay, even up to as much as 65 percent! So, be on the lookout for the following employees.

Dealers At Game Tables

It is expected that you tip your dealers. It is so expected that if you do not, it is common for other players to get upset. Dealers tend to deal faster at the tables they are being tipped at as well. This is, as you can guess, preferred by most players. The more tips for dealing the more dealing they want to get in, giving you more hands to play. It is best to not tip the dealer with chips directly, as casinos typically frown upon this. Instead, you can set the chips aside away from your betting area and say that they are for the dealer.

There are many factors that go into the amount of tipping you should do at tables like blackjack, craps, and roulette. Whether you win, or how long you stay at the table, you should plan to tip around 15 to 20 percent of the number of chips you bought during your gambling session. Some players like to tip one dollar per pot that they win and a few more if they win a bigger pot.

Another great way to tip your dealer is by sharing your winnings with them. When tipping this way, you should tip equal to one to five percent of each pot that you win. If you win more in the following pots, you should increase your tips as well. But, if you are collecting the blinds, you are not expected to tip the dealer.

Tips For Tournaments

During live tournaments, there are plenty of opportunities to tip the floor staff. However, this one is up to you to decide how or if you would like to tip. Many tournaments now take money out of the prize pool to tip the staff and dealers. There are gamblers who believe this is their tip, and others choose to tip on top of the money taken out. This situation is entirely up to you and what you would like to do. Some people like to see what many around them are tipping and follow suit. In this situation whichever you choose is acceptable.

Tipping Other Staff In The Casino

From the time you arrive and use the casino’s services, you should be thinking of tipping the wonderful staff helping you. When you drive in and use the valet services try to remember to tip when you drive up and when you drive off from the valet post. It is common practice for valets to record who tips them, and tipping them may help to get your car to you in a faster manner.


Casinos that double as hotels, such Tonkawa Casino and Hotel, have bellhops to be tipped as well. If you only have one bag, it is common to tip five dollars, and if you have multiple bags, tip at least one dollar a bag. While in your room, also think of the housekeepers. They rotate between floors and shifts and generally expect a few dollars to be left in the room for them.

Cocktail Waitresses

When it comes to the cocktail waitresses you should tip at least one dollar a drink, even if you ordered the drink for someone else. Many times, your waitress will go out of her way to have a nice drink made for you.


It is best practice to tip the cashier a minimum of a dollar whenever you make change. Even if you are playing slots with no dealer, you can still tip the cashier that handles your transactions and, if you win, you can tip the slot machine attendant. It is expected that you tip the slot machine attendant a small percentage of your total winnings. Many people are unaware of this common practice, but it is still expected. This is why it is very important you learn tipping etiquette before you go to the casino. Then, you will be following the best practices and are giving the employees the tips they deserve.

Tipping the workers in the Native Lights casino keeps the flow moving for you and others around you. Each may have a different role, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t working to give you the best experience possible. Tipping is a sign of appreciation for their hard work.