Proper Casino Etiquette

When we think of casinos we tend to have an image in our minds of drunk gamblers and party-goers having a good time and gambling all their money away. Sure, casinos are certainly meant to be a fun environment where you can let loose, but that doesn’t mean you can behave badly or be impolite.

This stereotypical idea of how people act in a casino has been perpetuated by movies and the preconceived idea of wild nights out in Vegas, where casinos are synonymous with drinking and party culture. However, if you visit Tonkawa Casino and don’t want to make a fool of yourself or risk being kicked out for inappropriate behavior, there are some tips for proper etiquette that you should be aware of.

Don’t Drink To Drunk

Drinking while gambling is a very common practice, and certainly one that the majority of casino-goers partake in. Alcohol is readily available and encouraged at casinos, and some will even offer free drinks while you’re gambling, but that’s not an excuse to let yourself get too drunk. While there’s no problem having a good time at Tonkawa Casino, don’t get so drunk that you become sloppy. Drink responsibly to keep the experience fun for yourself and your fellow gamblers.

Tip Your Dealer

While tipping your dealer isn’t usually required, it is a good etiquette practice that you should partake in. You wouldn’t leave a bar or restaurant without tipping your server, so why leave a table without tipping your dealer? It’s proper etiquette to leave a tip (usually between $1 and $10) on your winning hands. And if you’re a high roller playing with the big bucks, make sure to leave a decent sized tip on your big wins.

Avoid Looking At Your Phone

Try not to talk or text on your phone at a table, and especially try not to take pictures. Some casinos may actually prohibit self phone use at table game. Having your phone out is distracting to other gamblers and could be considered rude, not to mention you should be paying more attention to the game than your cell phone, especially if you want to win! You also don’t want to run the risk of anyone thinking you’re cheating or acting suspiciously.

Understand The Game Before You Play

While most dealers and other players generally won’t mind if you’re a beginner (we all had to start somewhere) it’s best to have a good basic understanding of how to play a game before you sit down at a table. Being completely unaware of what’s going on, not understanding the rules, or not knowing how to place bets or use correct hand signals can seriously slow down the game and annoy other gamblers. You should also avoid asking your dealer for advice, as this can put you and them in an awkward situation (especially if you lose the hand).

Pay Attention

When you’re sitting at a table, you should always remain aware of what is going on. Not only will this help you to play better, but it keeps the game flowing. Listen to the dealer and pay close attention to what she’s saying or where the play is. The dealer will direct the passage of play, and if you’re not listening and consistently forgetting it’s your turn, you could easily end up frustrating other players and slowing down the game.

Dress Properly

While most casinos don’t necessarily have a dress code, it’s a good idea to dress a little bit smarter, especially during the evenings. This is certainly true if you’re playing for big money at a higher end casino. If you aren’t sure how to dress for a casino visit, check first to see if they have any dress guidelines.

Don’t Argue With Other Players

While losing can be frustrating and even downright devastating at times, keep your outbursts to yourself. It’s never a good idea to embarrass yourself by arguing with another gambler or making offhand comments. It’s also a good way to get yourself kicked out, so keep it friendly and professional and try to remember that everyone is there to have a good time (and hopefully win some money).

Don’t Hand Money To The Dealer

When you sit down to play at a table, never try to hand your money directly to the dealer. Instead, simply place your bills on the table and the dealer will take them and give you the correct amount of chips in exchange.

Never Touch Your Chips Once You’ve Placed A Bet

Unfortunately, once your chips are on the table and you’ve placed your bet, there’s no going back and changing your mind! Touching or messing around with your chips once they’re in play is cheating.

All in all, gambling at Tonkawa Casino is meant to be a fun experience for everyone involved. If you’ve never gambled before, it’s a good idea to have a general idea of what’s expected and how to behave. Not only will this make you feel more confident and stop you from embarrassing yourself, but it keeps the environment light-hearted and happy for other players.