VGT Lounge

vgt_logoThe only one in Oklahoma!

Our VGT Lounge is over 5,700 square feet and offers over 125 VGT games with denominations ranging from penny to $10.

So come play your favorite VGT game such as Mr. Moneybags®, Hot Red Ruby®, Gems & Jewels®, Lucky Ducky®, Crazy Bill’s Gold Strike®, and more!

Hot Red Ruby
Lucky Ducky
Mr. Money Bags
Polar High Roller
Ruby’s Night Out
Victory Lap
777 Bourbon Street
Crazy Cherry
Crazy Bill Gold Strike
Crazy Billions
Crazy Cherry WAP
Free Spin of Fortune

Hot Red Ruby 2
Hot Red Ruby 3
Hot Red Ruby on Fire
Hunt for Neptunes Gold
King of Coin
King of Coin WAP
Kula Kula Tiki
Lucky Ducky 10 Coin
Lucky Ducky Free Spinning
Lucky Ducky WAP
Mr. Moneybags 2
Mr. Moneybags 3

Payback Time
Phoenix Sky Jewel Hunt
Pieces of Eight
Pirates Paradise
Polar High Roller 10 Coin
Polar High Roller Free Spinning
Reel Fever WAP
Silver Dollar Shootout
Smooth as Silk
Smooth as Silk WAP
Sumo 7’s
Super Speedway 7’s